Tour to Cumbre Vieja and Los Llanos de Aridane

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Day trip to visit Volcano Cumbre Vieja by bus.  A great day out to see what the last volcanic eruption in La Palma did.

Lava flow started in El Paso, we will stop in Tajuya view point,  then continue to Los Llanos. In La Laguna we can see upclose the flows between the houses. From Tazacorte you will be able to see the destruction of the banana plantations and also where and how got into the ocean.

After a nice stop in Tazacorte old port for lunch, we drive up to the mountain to walk down to the closest viewpoint to Cumbre Vieja. A last and final stop to get a full on picture of the eruption.

If you are only looking for the option ONLY CRÁTER VISIT, call us to find out more info +34 616 419 026




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Tour to Cumbre Vieja and Los Llanos de Aridane: Necesitas ayuda? - Need help?